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Mobile Monday Madrid: being part of innovation

Mobile Monday Madrid

Mobile Monday Madrid

Today I had the opportunity to attend once again to the Mobile Monday Madrid. The topic for this meeting was Mobile Internet Platforms. For this occasion we had a great panel of speakers and also a great audience. The session was opened by Enrique Dans and after that we had speakers from the GYM (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft) who told us about their efforts to be the next biggest platforms for mobile devices.

After listening to their presentations about how they consider that the “new” connected life will be, and how they are positioning themselves to be the center of those connected lives, I was thinking about their strategies and took some notes that I would like to share with everyone.
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Firefox open innovation model

Get Firefox Since I read the McKinsey’s interview with Mitchell Baker, I was willing to write about my opinion about the new business models based on open innovation, and to do an analysis of Firefox open innovation model.

Few organizations have so much experience harnessing the  talents of people outside the organisation as Mozilla Corporation. This is a particular case where the company depends on volunteers to make certain decisions, for product development, distribution and promotion. With more than 15% global market share for Firefox and more than 15 products and components developed, it is clear that a traditional organisation could have never achieved all that the Mozilla Corporation has. Sigue leyendo

Modelo de innovacion abierta en Firefox

Get Firefox Desde que leí la entrevista a Mitchell Baker por parte de McKinsey, tenía ganas de dar mi opinión sobre los nuevos modelos de negocio basados en la innovación abierta, y de hacer un análisis del modelo de innovación abierta de Firefox. Hablando con Odilas me decidí a escribirlo.

Pocas organizaciones tienen tanta experiencia explotando el talento de la gente fuera de la compañía, como Mozilla Corporation. Se trata de una caso particular donde la compañía depende de voluntarios en sus decisiones, el desarrollo de productos, la distribución y la promoción. Con más de un 15% de cuota de mercado a nivel mundial para Firefox y más de 15 productos y componentes desarrollados, está claro que una organización tradicional nunca podría haber conseguido todo lo que ha conseguido Mozilla Corporation. Sigue leyendo