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Mobile Monday Madrid: being part of innovation

Mobile Monday Madrid

Mobile Monday Madrid

Today I had the opportunity to attend once again to the Mobile Monday Madrid. The topic for this meeting was Mobile Internet Platforms. For this occasion we had a great panel of speakers and also a great audience. The session was opened by Enrique Dans and after that we had speakers from the GYM (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft) who told us about their efforts to be the next biggest platforms for mobile devices.

After listening to their presentations about how they consider that the “new” connected life will be, and how they are positioning themselves to be the center of those connected lives, I was thinking about their strategies and took some notes that I would like to share with everyone.
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How Google manages knowledge workers

A friend of mine has recently sent me a powerpoint presentation with several images from Google’s headquarters for Europe in Zurich… all of which can be also seen in Flickr, like the one below:

Google\'s office in Zurich

This reminded me of a definition from Watts Humphrey during SEPGLA 2007: “The key rule in managing knowledge workers is: the workers must manage themselves”.

While most IT companies keep doing things as they always did, it seems that Google believes in what Humphrey says… and it seems that is working quite well for them. Is this a simple rule that is maybe too simple for most IT managers?

La respuesta de Nokia a Google Android

Nokia - Qtopia LogosVia Celularis vemos que Nokia sigue de compras. Recientemente ha adquirido a la empresa noruega Trolltech por U$s 153 millones. Según la nota de prensa de Nokia, la compra le ”permitirá acelerar su estrategia multiplataforma para terminales móviles y aplicaciones de escritorio, y desarrollar sus negocios de servicios en Internet”.

Lo que está claro de esta acción, es que Nokia ha realizado este movimiento para hacerse con una plataforma de desarrollo basada en Linux, para aplicaciones multi-dispositivo como es Qtopia.

Aunque ya se han anunciado algunos dispositivos móviles funcionando con Android, la plataforma Qtopia lleva la ventaja en este sentido, contando con una larga lista de dispositivos de mercado funcionando con su plataforma (incluyendo su propio teléfono Greenphone) Sigue leyendo