The value of Service Management

During the last days I haven’t been able to take enough care to the blog because I had been preparing my ITIL Foundation versión 3 certification.

Despite that, I am very happy not only for having gained knowledge about good practices in Service Management but also for having been able to think and comment with my partners about the day to day work that we do in projects and about the services that we provide to our customers.

Some days ago I commented in this blog about the value that project management gives to business and in this case I would like to make stress in the value that an adequate service management provides to business.

It is frequent that corporate systems management focuses on technology and forgets about its users and the services that it provides to business. Guides like ITIL, CobiT or CMMI (specialized in software development processes) try to promote the awareness of the importance of providing a reliable, usable and value added service to the business.

In the case of project management, the lack of planning and budget usually determines that the first things to cut off are the testing phase, the documentation and those non functional requirements related to operation and maintainability of the future systems.

This short term view allows the responsibles of the project to obtain a recognition for a “partial success” that can be much more costly when the time comes to put the system in production. Leaving behind such aspects to save costs during the project, can lead to exceeding those costs several times during the operation and maintenance of the system. Taking into account that the longest part of the application lifecycle is maintenance and operations, maintenance costs of an application can easily duplicate the development costs.

In addition to this we also have to consider that IT services each day affect more directly to the organization’s end users or customers, and not only they can generate great economic losses by service unavailability but also they can generate image and trust losses, which can be more difficult and can take longer to recover from.

In relation to this, I would like to share with everyone a picture that I took last 8th of february in a Post Office at Barajas airport. I would like to clarify that I don’t know nothing about the origin of the problem, but it caught my attention that they mentioned an operating system change shortly after Windows Vista launch 😉

Although I don’t think this is case, the sign serves as an example of an income loss caused by application unavailability and also as an example of service reliability, because postal business is based on the customers trust in the security of information delivery.

You can see the image below and leave your comments (I apologize for the quality!!)

An here you have an English translation of the sign:

“Due to the installation of a new operative system we are having some specific problems with applications.

We beg you patience and ask you to forgive us for the inconveniences”



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