Mobile Monday Madrid: Mobile Entertainment

mobile entertainmentLast monday evening I attended again to Mobile Monday Madrid event. The focus for this session was on Mobile Entertainment.

This time we had four speakers from different companies from the sector: Zed Iberia, Unkasoft, Digital Jokers y Arvato Mobile.

As usual, the subject was very interesting and in my opinion all of the speakers agreed on several basic concepts.

I will try to summarise those common points and to give my opinion about a subject that has had a lot of hype during the last years and that is experiencing an adoption curve much more slower than was expected by several analysts of the sector.

Even though all of us have the tendency to believe that technological solutions are going to succeed immediately and that we will radically change the way we do things at present, the truth is that the adoption curve is gradual. I think that all the speakers agreed in the fact that, nowadays, after all the expectation generated about mobile advertisement and mobile entertainment (and their combination), we are starting to see some interesting initiatives and a market that grows in a steady but slow way.

I found interesting that there was an absolute belief among the audience and the panel, in that the tradicional advertising model taken to mobile is boring and not effective. I liked a phrase from Ricardo Mena regarding this: “Mobile marketing is not (only) about sending SMS.

On the other hand, there is an emerging alternative to take premium and sponsored content to the users that is valuable for them, allowing firms to transmit their messages in a more efficient and personalized way. Jaime Lanchares called it “mobile advergaming” and Pablo González called it  “Communitainment”, even though I think it is all part of the same concept: “deliver the right contents to the users in the right moment and the right place”.

Besides, mobile devices have other features that allow us to create unique user experiences and that allow us to provide services that are useful for users, in a way that the message is accepted and even shared with others, leveraging the power of social networks.

When discussing about this subject, I always remember Google, the giant of the advertising industry that has changed the online business with its non-intrusive ads and by giving its users useful services.

Finally, I agree with the speakers in that this is a good moment for companies to experiment with this new communication channel to be able to include it in their “marketing mix” and to measure its effectiveness… althoug probably we will see many changes in this sector with the arrival of Google and it’s own platform.


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