Mobile Monday Madrid: Mobile Messaging 2.0

mobile messaging 2.0Yesterday evening I attended to another edition of the Mobile Monday Madrid. The main subject this time was Mobile Messaging 2.0 and there had been three presentations from successful companies that seek to apply the 2.0 principles to their messaging solutions.

The three companies that participated were: eBuddy, Cellity and Skype. Each of them has a different approach towards instant messaging solutions, but even though all of them have in common a very important factor (and very 2.0): they all base the diffusion of their product on the virical distribution (from user to user).

I don’t intend to repeat here the information that can be seen on the official page of the event, but I will briefly describe the different approaches to mobile messaging:

eBuddy’s strategy consists in focusing on “simply” being the best instant messaging application, without pretending to go further than that. Without turning into a mashup. And in my opinion, they are doing quite well, providing an alternative to use their application from every kind of device and allowing their users to connect to the main networks simultaneously.

Cellity, however, has developed an application that intends to provide an enhanced user experience for the basic mobile phone usages: voice and messaging. Based on this, they have created a series of added value services using a data plan. In this case, to be able to deliver an enhanced user experience, they depend on an application that has to be installed on the phone, even though they support every Java enabled device.

Finally, the strategy of Skype is to replicate their user experience that has proven to be very successful in the desktop world, to mobile devices. They provide mobile versions for several different mobile devices (based on Windows Mobile, for PSP, etc.) but they also have an agreement with three mobile operator.

To sum up, I think that the conclusion of these presentations is that there is a new generation of mobile messaging that is changing the “one-size-fits-all” approach from SMS messaging, towards a user-defined and much richer experience, where users will have much more control about how they want to communicate.

Below you can see some pictures from the event:

Jan-Joost Kraal - eBuddy

Tim von Toerne (Cellity) y Enrico Noseda (Skype)


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