Mobile Monday Madrid: Mobile development

Mobile monday Madrid logoYesterday evening I attended to the Mobile Monday at the Instituto de Empresa on Madrid. In this case, the main subject was mobile application development.

The speakers were Jure Sustersic, Business Development Manager, Forum Nokia (EMEA); Agustin, Nuñez, Director of Services and Terminals  Innovation from Telefónica and Oscar Puyal, Responsible of Open Source Strategy from Vodafone R&D.

The subject was very promising this time, because it is a sector that experiments constant changes, and I think it was indeed. In fact, there has been quite a lot of interaction from the audience. Each of the representatives from the different companies has explained their application development strategy, all of them based on the creation and fostering of open communities around their products and services.

On the first place, Jure explained which is the goal of Forum Nokia and which are the main platforms that they have “opened” to the community. The fact that Nokia presented its Symbian Series 40, Symbian Series 60 and Maemo platforms, and didn’t comment anything about their new open platform (QTopia) caught my attention. This is a fact that has generated some expectations about the future of the platforms, given that Nokia is currently working with the two most extended graphical platforms for Linux: Qt and Gnome.

The Forum’s goal is to facilitate the development of mobile applications based on some of the Nokia platforms, and at the same time to provide a distribution channel for those applications that goes directly to Nokia’s handset users.

After that, Agustín explained Movistar’s strategy with its Open Movilforum and Oscar also explained about Vodafone Betavine initiative. The goal for both communities is similar, given that both operators seek for the development of applications based on their services APIs, and therefore, to generate revenues for the increase in traffic.

Although some of the attendants seemed uncomfortable with the fact that these companies are turning into Open Source to increase their revenues and to try to create a “lock-in” for their customers, I think that there is nothing wrong in that. For an open econsystem to grow there are certain conditions that have to exist, but that doesn’t mean that the participants of those networks can’t obtain economical benefits from participating.

Apart from that, operators are offering application development support and are also provinding those software developers a distribution channel to reach the customers of those companies.

Finally, I had been talking with very interesting people and I’m glad that these meetings are still going on, in which you can network and get to know the different actors involved in these new technologies. I also have some ideas about subjects that can be of interest for some future Mobile Monday’s meetings.


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