¿The same predictions as always for 2008?

I see your futureA couple of days ago, “The Economist” published its predictions about technology for 2008, and I would like to share my impressions and invite everyone to leave their own here.

They consider them “fearless predictions”, because they have made only 3 predictions for 2008 that, independently of the degree in which they materialize, I believe that are tendencies that we will see more and more (here at my company we also believe that some of them will increase):

1 – Surfing will slow: with the increasing amount of devices connected to the Internet, multimedia companies broadcasting over the web, broadband users (increasing every day) transmitting high definition contents, a growing number of VoIP companies, spam also growing, etc. It makes sense to think that sometime we start noticing that the network capacity is not unlimited… although I personally believe that telco operators in Spain have been teaching its customers for quite some time about it 😉 so I don’t think we are going to feel this limitation around here for now.

2 – Surfing will detach: This is the prediction that I’m most involved with. It’s not very different from what we procclaim at the mobility team at T-Systems Iberia. Every day, internet access will be available from very different types of devices (mobile or not) with very different characteristics and capabilities. On the mobile phone side, the great mobile Internet growth promise may come from third world countries (like mine) where fixed line telephony has never reached massively to the home, leaving the possibility of broadband access only to the wireless/cellular networks.

3 – Surfing—and everything else computer-related—will open: This is the point that I personally like most. Basically what “The Economist” say is that open business models (in a broad sense) are imposing (and are being able to gain market share) over the traditional (an closed) business models. In particular, the tendency is becoming clear with the rising amount of low-cost & commodity hardware devices that come with free software preinstalled (to reduce costs and improve performance). Even though this statement may sound a little bit “radical” and it has been proclaimed before several times, it may be that finally this “price war” ends up making the big difference and gives the needed push to the Linux adoption on the users desktop !!

Here you can see the full article:


and I also would like to leave the question open: ¿which one do you think will be the tendencies for 2008?


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