Bilingual posts in WordPress

DictionaryMotivated by a comment from a reader of this blog, I realized that posting only in my mother language can exclude many people that have english as a first language and also people from all around the world that, like me, use english language as a way to communicate.

I still remember that once I had an english teacher that always told us: “language is communication“.

So now, I’ve decided that I will try to make bilingual posts whenever I feel that what I’m writing can be of interest for more people than just spanish speaking people.
Wordpress hosted service doesn’t have an elegant way of allowing bilingual posts. Some people decide to open two separate blogs with the same appearance and link the posts in different languages to each other. Instead, I prefer to have everything on the same blog, so I can manage everything from the same place (statistics, comments, widgets, etc.)

The way to accomplish this was to include a language tag between the tags of each post. I use “en” for english posts and “es” for spanish posts. After that, I’ve created a widget on the left of the page with the links to my blog filtered by those two tags. I’m including the code here in case you want to take a look:

<a href="">
 <img src=""
 alt="UK Flag" />
 Show only posts in <b>english</b></a> <br />
<a href="">
<img src=""
 alt="Spanish flag" />
Mostrar sólo posts en <b>español</b></a>

There already exist plugins for WordPress for handling multilingual posts in a more elegant way, so I hope that in a future people from WordPress enable this feature for everyone in the hosted version. Because: “Blogging is communication” !!! 😉


2 comments so far

  1. gipsylinux on

    Good trick, thanks.

  2. Morteza on

    What must be done if one language is English and one is Farsi which uses a RIGHT TO LEFT writing system?


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